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Want to get ahold of our asses? We thought so. To contact the femme fatales of Gold Snow, shoot us an email or DM us on IG. Want to submit something to be considered for the Hi/Lo? Do the same, or use the contact form below.

Also guess what? Snowboarding is fucking FUN. Want to join our women’s snowboard gear review squad, or become a Gold Snow ambassador? Slip us a note like we’re in the 4th grade and have secret crushes on one other, and we’ll (maybe) slip you one back.

Interested in becoming a Gold Snow Ambassador and helping us dismantle the (blindingly white) patriarchy one frontside 180 at a time? Have a rad product you want us to review? Send us an email and we'll take our sweet-ass time getting back to you.

Mates with whom we’ve been in communication! Submit your reviews using these links: Sticks, Boots, Bindings.

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