Gold Snow Review Squad



Gold Snow Squad


Babes on Sticks on Snow.


We know this is snowboarding we’re talking about, not the Supreme Court. Yet here we are: Gold Snow, a team of unabashed and hard-charging female snowboarders who jib it, drop in with it, tweak it, press it, and ride the shit out of it. Then review it for your consumption. And while yeah we know it’s just stuff we’re reviewing (women’s snowboard gear, to be exact), our aim is to deliver the kind of snowboard gear reviews and buying guides you seek. Ones filled with unbiased information, diversified insight, and every fucking reason to get out on snow.

Whether cis, trans, femme, or queer, we are humans who identify as female… and who believe in the punk-rock Riot Grrrl legacy of Ladies to the Front. Especially women of color. We also live to snowboard, smash binaries, and make art.

Together, as some sort of witchy band of Arctic wolves, Gold Snow concurs that the future is female. That platonic male love will save us all. And that winter is the best thing ever.

Now, gather your bitches (+ bros), and Eat Gold Snow.

4Ever + Infinity,